⊃ soft robots

Inspired by this instructable on a soft universal gripper and some articles sent by my friends Zina and Ben, I’m reading about soft robotics.

⊃ Milk Pail shelf

I’m working on a design for a shelf at my favorite store, Milk Pail.

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⊃ trident remote jailbreak

Reading Citizen Lab’s report on the attempted remote jailbreaking of the UAE dissident, Ahmed Mansoor.

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⊃ OTR and kLa

I’m reading this PDF from UGA on oxygen mass transfer..some notes:

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⊃ aseptic technique

Lots of great videos out there on aseptic handling, woo!

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⊃ CNC at pier 9

Going through the CNC classes at Pier 9.

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⊃ bike tag

I’d like to make a new tag for when my bike’s on the train. Here are some basic renders..

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⊃ deciding what to prototype

how to decide what to prototype.. hm, there are many approaches:

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⊃ design of experiments

a software tool, pyDOE some lecture notes on the topic and a video:

⊃ a five day fed batch protocol

interesting tidbits from a very detailed fed-batch protocol:

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