⊃ boundaries

some notes from Gary Bernhardt’s 2012 talk Boundaries.

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⊃ hiking pescadero

I had a very nice walk around Pescadero Creek SP after a week of rain. From the Tarwater Trailhead I took the Tarwater Trail Loop west and then south to the camp – it was quite swampy down there. Of six sites I think two were kinda nice. And you could sorta rappel down to the creek which might be nice in the summer. I returned via the Pomponio Ridge and Upper Coyote Ridge trails, about six miles total. Took me about 2hrs 45min, I believe.

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⊃ more go

more go tidbits as I work through aoc 2016 – the code I wrote for this is here.

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⊃ bioreactors for cell therapies

notes from a recorded talk on bioreactors (the image above is a muscle bioreactor that stretches out / exercises the cells..pretty cool!)

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⊃ controlling stepper motors with pwm

I wrote a little instructable on stepper motors, check it out here!

⊃ influxdb

notes on influxdb..

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⊃ raspberry pi

various Π-related snippets..

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⊃ lampiphy

Me and Esmond and Pal worked on a conceptual diagnostic device for use in rural settings.

⊃ 2016 election

notes on my 2016 vote:

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⊃ Sonoma

Nora and I went to Sonoma! We saw Iron and Wine play at the GunBun winery and had a nice time touring the Peter Cellars and Ravenswood wineries.

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