notes on influxdb..

  • config files must have the sections uncommented as well – sections like [admin]
  • there are “databases” which contain “measurements” – these are like tables, I think
  • you can further create fields and tags which create some other level of division
  • if you try to add a duplicate entry it is just ignored
  • data can be injected quickly enough via bulk operations and the python client: 34s for 100k records added to a remote instance, 14s for 100k records added to the local instance, (the instance being a 2.20GHz vCPU with 3.75GB RAM)
  • storage efficiency: I think I’m seeing 5MB for 200k simple records (25B / record)
  • auth pretty easy to setup..see the docs

other products

  • telegraf: collects data
  • chronograf: graphs things
  • kapacitor: creates alerts