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some podcasts I like:

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⊃ Frank Howarth makes sake trays

Great video showing Frank Howarth making sake trays for a Japanese restaurant: It’s a cool view into a prototype / feedback cycle.

⊃ headspace

The headspace app has been huge for me – I’ve used it since the last few months of 2015, doing 10 and 20 min exercises about every day. I especially appreciate the focus on “the now” that the app helps remind me of. And it has helped me bring a feeling of peace and well-being to my life. The “creativity module” has been challenging but rewarding, some very interesting techniques in this one.

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⊃ the Dean Scream

A short documentary on the “Dean Scream” from 2004.

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⊃ ideas for 2016

some things to do this year..

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⊃ udacity deep learning lesson two

notes from lesson two of Udacity’s Deep Learning course

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⊃ headphone case

Making a case for my audio-technica ATH-M30 headphones.. mediocre headphones at best, but they get banged around in my bag which doesn’t help things.

Here’s a model of the headphones themselves, I wasn’t sure how to best approach this so I started modeling the earpiece, and then worked around from there.

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⊃ prius key

Working on an enclosure to fit my electronic key fob – it’s needed to start the car, but also has lock, unlock and alarm buttons. It uses a little CR2032 battery.

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