⊃ iowa caucuses

Just saw this amazing video on how the the Iowa caucuses actually work.

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⊃ fusion 360

I just learned that Fusion 360 is free for “enthusiasts” – it’s an excellent modeling program. I tried 123D Design and had issues with it on mac. In the past I’ve used Sketchup, OpenSCAD and, to a limited extent, Solidworks and FreeCAD, but Fusion 360 is my favorite of the bunch.

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⊃ brain software

A friend recommended this wait but why article on Elon Musk.

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⊃ ipython

how I use iPython

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⊃ bitcoin

notes on an older video, How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood:

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⊃ shazam

This is a great video on the data from Shazam – they show how to predict hits based on when a song gets “shazamed,” and also show which parts of a song are the most interesting to people

⊃ rides

memories of past rides, and places I’d like to go someday..

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⊃ readout

I’m playing around with techniques for reading old-school displays.

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⊃ machine learning

Recently, several projects I’ve worked on have made me want to know more about machine learning.

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⊃ hikes

hikes I’d like to check out Uvas Canyon the Gilroy Hotspring in Henry Coe Ranch SP

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