⊃ os

Some notes on the Think OS book from Green Tea Press.

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⊃ adts

some notes on abstract data types compiled from Think CS and this blog

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⊃ eno

At Endaga I worked on eno, a “programmable cell phone” testing system.

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⊃ openbts python

While at Endaga I worked a lot on openbts-python, our python package for interfacing with OpenBTS. OpenBTS provides a lot of pieces of cellular infrastructure like a subscriber registry and SIP functionality. The python package we made tied it all together.

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⊃ rsa

At work we’ve been setting up tinc networks alongside OpenVPN. I wanted to use the public key embedded in the OpenVPN crt with tinc, so I started trying to parse the crt and use pyasn1 to create a public RSA key in a tinc-friendly format. I was learning about the exponent and modulus in RSA when I eventually realized the public key could be generated from the private key :| but in the meantime here are some notes from reading about RSA.

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⊃ WNDW book

I’m skimming Wireless Networks in the Developing World, a book covering the basics of setting up wireless networks. Since I started working at Endaga six months ago I’ve learned a lot more about networking and hardware, but I thought it’d be nice to try and round out some of my knowledge of those areas. Ch1 - Physics wavelengths: 802.11b at 2.4GHz has a wavelength of 12.5cm (and is considered a microwave), and our 900 MHz 2G networks are at 33.3cm polarization can be used to limit interference: combine a horizontally-polarized link with a vertically-polarized signal and you could double the data rate while still using the same frequency an example: 802.11b uses 22MHz-wide channels spaced 5MHz apart Huygens’ Principle: each point of an advancing wave front is just the center of a fresh disturbance and the source of new waves.

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⊃ jan music

some recent favorites: twin shadow sun airway willow smith (memorecks) :| gipsy kings

⊃ beliefs

at the behest of Doebelli and especially his chapter on …, here is a list of beliefs that I hold dear:

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⊃ the silk road comedy

Perhaps still in Serial withdrawal, I’ve been reading a little bit about the Silk Road trial against Ulbricht. The guy tried to order six (!) hits on people who scammed SR users, threatened to expose SR users or worked with federal agents. (Well it was DPR ordering hits, presumption of innocence, ok..). When the Hells Angels hitman couldn’t get to Friendly Chemist alone, DPR haggled a bit on the cost of having FC and everybody else in the vicinity killed in one fell swoop.

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⊃ thinking clearly

I bought a paper (!) copy of this book, The Art of Thinking Clearly. It would do well as a set of flashcards.. But it is a good read! Dobelli reviews a compendium of logical fallacies, meditating on each a bit and casting them in various personal terms. survivorship bias We overestimate our chance of success because we’re naturally drawn to pay attention to the success of others. There’s no compelling story in comprehensive failure, so we don’t hear it.

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