⊃ gps watch

There’s a new GPS watch out now by garmin, I believe. Quite expensive though.. I was thinking it’d be cool to have a very simple watch that tracked distance traveled. For runners, say, or cyclists.

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⊃ uniform sampling in a polygon

I was working on uniform sampling in an arbitrary polygon.

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⊃ learning react

fb’s getting started tutorial React templates can be ‘compiled’ client- or server-side. When running client-side, you include this JSXTransformer code that converts your JSX (XML syntax inside js) into vanilla js. There is some weirdness – the XML is like your typical html tags but with some adjustments to work around reserved js keywords. Maybe the more appealing thing is to use react server-side: $ sudo apt-get install npm $ sudo npm install -g react-tools $ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node $ jsx --watch src/ build/ Now files in src are built into vanilla js, which can just be included in your website.

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⊃ website thinkin

..I’d hate for this sidebar site to be my main thing – it’d be fun to be more creative

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⊃ up and down US 1

Or really down and up – Nora and I went to Pt Lobos and Big Sur.. ..then up to Pt Reyes for MLK weekend.

⊃ mexico 2015

Me and Nora went to Tulum and had a great time! Swam in a cenote. Ate a lot of fish tacos. Went snorkeling a bunch Saw some amazing ruins. Stayed at a different airbnb place almost every night and met a ton of people. Slept in a bed made of sticks :|

⊃ copying in tmux

copying in tmux ..couldn’t find any good way to do it with the keyboard. lots of tutorials involving copy-pipe and xclip and vi-copy, none of them worked for me best solution I found was to use the mouse :| hold shift and then you can select text with the mouse ctrl-shift-c to copy

⊃ hacking tip.golang.org

hacking tip.golang.org with Brad Fitzpatrick and Andrew Gerrand

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⊃ getting started with hugo

some notes on the static site builder, hugo..

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