⊃ tdd roundtable

I use TDD at work and even on some personal projects so it was interesting to hear perspectives from Beck, Fowler and DHH. is tdd dead? - hangout with dhh, martin fowler and kent beck betteridge’s law says, of course, no mostly just some interesting thoughts on their experiences “if I can’t write a test first I have no business writing it,” says beck “do programmers deserve to feel confident?” asks beck.

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⊃ think complexity chapter one

from greenteapress.com

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⊃ think complexity chapter two

more from greenteapress

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⊃ storing and deploying keys securely

In several flask apps at aquaya, I used a combo of environment variables and sample config files filled in with real data on the live servers only, not in the source. But how to do this with a lot of servers that may be rebuilt at any time? How do you avoid passing state to these servers when you provision them? And how do you share these credentials among team members?

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⊃ belize 2014

We started inland, heading to San Ignacio.

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⊃ Project Wing

I was part of the team that worked on Google’s ‘self-flying vehicle’ project. We started with the goal of delivering emergency medical supplies to people in need – things like AEDs when someone’s having a heart attack, or antivenom to hikers in the wilderness. (A background video is here.)

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⊃ Uganda 2012

In the middle of my trip to Mozambique I flew briefly to Uganda to help with a conference Aquaya was putting on. Unfortunately didn’t meet up with Kenneth or Ignitius. Did see Roey and toured his awesome office. Heard of his amazing plans with husk power. ..Saw James Bond which mentioned Uganda to everyone’s delight.

⊃ arduino command line setup

My friends and I are using the new ARM-based Arduino Due for our sphere project. To use the Due, you have to run v1.5.2 of the Arduino software. This version also comes with some new command line support which seems to work well.. although it opens up a GUI and that’s annoying (asking around for a fix).

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⊃ OCR with OpenCV and Python

After finally getting my machine setup with OpenCV, NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib I was excited to try this code from Abid Rahman. He built a K-nearest neighbor classifier for images of digits in python. Below I’ve reposted his scripts with my annotations, and I’ve written how the system works in my own words. The first script of two scripts, train.py, will take an input image of digits, perform some image adjustments and then look for contours in the image.

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⊃ getting started with OpenCV in Python

I had a hard time training tesseract 3.02.02 for the mtrrdr OCR project so I’ve decided to try some options with OpenCV and SciPy. I was interested in testing the ideas posted here and here so I wanted to install OpenCV, NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib. I’m running Ubuntu 12.10, Python 2.7 and here’s how I got setup: For OpenCV, this SO post was very informative. I first downloaded OpenCV 2.4.4 from Sourceforge.

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