⊃ mtrrdr

Trevor and I want to do some depth mapping of the bay in our boat. We looked at using underwater sonar transducers like those from MaxBotix but they’re usually water-resistant and not waterproof. (I guess that one’s IP67 rated – someone in a forum said they’ve still had issues.) So now we’re looking at fishfinders and pre-built depth gauges. To get the data out we could open them up, listen in on the RF comms or maybe just take periodic images of the screen.

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⊃ Cambodia

I had an amazing time traveling in Cambodia while working for Aquaya. I spent just a few hours in Phnom Penh – most of my time was with Kounthy and Livy of the Teuk Saat NGO, working in the excellent town of Battambang.

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⊃ Laurel walking tour

I’ve been working on a walking tour project for the Laurel District in Oakland. Kaliyah, a high school student, is the lead and I’m doing some technical assistance.

⊃ Mozambique

While working for Aquaya I spent a busy few weeks in Maputo and Beira. Technical assistance background and the 1M Initiative. Work with Matteus, Delfim and Sergio. Other observations - the lumber camps, the rural areas, the resources, the rent, seeing the presidential results come back

⊃ redream

I helped build a dream restoration machine during a hackathon hosted by GAFFTA and the Tribeca Institute. Our site took written memories of dreams and pieced together video montages that evoke the nocturnal experience.

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⊃ target accrual

Some friends and I built targetaccrual.com for the StartX-Med hackathon at Stanford.

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⊃ Aquaya

Aquaya is a small nonprofit research and consulting group that works with water service providers around the world. I worked there from February 2012 to February 2013, primarily focusing on their information communication and technology initiatives. When I joined Aquaya, I began working on Aquatest, a program that studied the use of mobile phones for collecting water quality data in rural areas. At the time, many of the organizations we worked with were successfully providing water, but they were struggling to measure water quality, especially in rural areas.

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⊃ Estes Park 2013

stayed for a few days in Estes Park with about 20 other folks this was just a few days after leaving my job at Aquaya we talked about various puzzles and challenges we’re all facing I asked about whether I should consciuosly focus on a sector rather than bouncing from project to project as I do now got some good feedback too – I especially liked meeting some of the slightly older folks – lots of great role models, of sorts.

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⊃ SSL setup on nginx

update: DigitalOcean has a very nice guide on doing this with the LetsEncrypt CA – it worked well for me! Though I am a bit worried about the well-known dir and its persistence with my current build methods.

I keep forgetting how to do this, so here are some notes:

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⊃ Inglourious Basterds

It had its moments. I liked the running joke about bad accents. The movie star’s “English with a touch of German” seemed pretty forced, especially in the bar scene when they were fixated on the accents of the imposter officers. And the botched Italian was kinda funny too. I did enjoy Waltz. Why did his character kill the movie star? And he seemed to recognize Shoshana (he ordered milk for her) so was he planning to defect all along?

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