⊃ the prism, ultimater version

My friend Trevor and I built a one-sheet boat using plans from the famous Hannu. All you need is a lone sheet of birch plywood (38” I think..), some 1x2 runners for support and fiberglass for the outer seams where the flat bottom meets the sides. The inner seams were covered with a thickened resin. The outside has a few coats of Tung oil.

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⊃ tutoring

I’ve been tutoring with CollegeTrack in SF for a few months now. Thought I’d keep a log of some memorable moments. Me and K got all riled up about the Second Industrial Revolution. The wealth of Carnegie, the injustice of price-fixing trusts, the funny confusion over monopoly and polygamy, more mixups with labor unions and the unions-of-the-north.. She was really quick and curious, comparing Marxism and vertical integration. I was rapidly out of my depth but it was fun.

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⊃ pipeline

A data collection and management system being built during my work at Aquaya. It was in production at pipelinehq.org and is open sourced on github.

⊃ time traveling forum

brilliant time travelers forum, created by Desmond Warzel

⊃ illusory perception of space and time

an article about why the second hand seems to freeze for just a bit when you start watching a clock..very cool.

⊃ Philip Treacy's hats

would be fun to make some bike helmets inspired by these creations

⊃ john muir

Fast becoming a personal hero, this video was a nice biography of Mr. Muir.

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⊃ sense of an ending

A fantastic, meditative book from Julian Barnes. This passage is maybe less powerful if you haven’t read it: “So, for instance, if Tony …” These words had a local, textual meaning, specific to forty years ago; and I might at some point discover that they contained, or led to, a rebuke, a criticism from my old clear-seeing, self-seeing friend. But for the moment I heard them with a wider reference – to the whole of my life.

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⊃ kavalier and klay

Loved this review by Ilana Teitelbaum Think I still gave it four stars on goodreads, though. The theme of art and its relationship with escapism is the one theme that threads consistently throughout the novel. Otherwise, one might say that “Kavalier and Clay,” for all its strong points, is lacking in that after the tight, virtuoso beginning, the story loses focus and eventually all sense of unity. The plot becomes somewhat convoluted in the manner of John Irving, as if Chabon is throwing oddities into the mix just to keep things interesting.

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⊃ music of 2013

some things I was listening to in 2013: Tim Eriksen

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