⊃ AVC 2016

Me and some friends worked on a car for Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition. The race has your car make one (just one!) lap around a haybale-bordered track in Sparkfun HQ’s parking lot. There are dirt sections, hoops to go through, barrels to dodge, jumps, zigzags and the famous “discombobulator” – a spinning disc that most competitors just try to jump if they approach it at all.

Our entry, “Neural Carputer,” used an eight layer neural network with four convolution and four fully-connected layers. It was an end-to-end system – it took in camera and odometer data and output steering and throttle commands. We took about an hour of training data – I just manually drove the car through the course during the practice time before race day. In autonomous mode, Carputer would eventually make one perfect run around the course and have many more less-than-perfect runs too (:

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⊃ soft robots

Inspired by this instructable on a soft universal gripper and some articles sent by my friends Zina and Ben, I’m reading about soft robotics.

⊃ Milk Pail shelf

I’m working on a design for a shelf at my favorite store, Milk Pail.

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⊃ trident remote jailbreak

Reading Citizen Lab’s report on the attempted remote jailbreaking of the UAE dissident, Ahmed Mansoor.

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⊃ OTR and kLa

I’m reading this PDF from UGA on oxygen mass transfer..some notes:

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⊃ aseptic technique

Lots of great videos out there on aseptic handling, woo!

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⊃ CNC at pier 9

Going through the CNC classes at Pier 9.

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⊃ bike tag

I’d like to make a new tag for when my bike’s on the train. Here are some basic renders..

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⊃ deciding what to prototype

how to decide what to prototype.. hm, there are many approaches:

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⊃ design of experiments

a software tool, pyDOE some lecture notes on the topic and a video:

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