⊃ Synecdoche

A film to get lost in. To reflect on the worlds you’ve built and the lives you’ve led. The people you’ve known and loved and how you think of them, project to them. What would happen if we could progressively distill our lives? Or maybe it’s about our constant, simplifying reflections on our experiences. I enjoyed the paintings and the recursed maps. The singer in the bar and the box office.

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⊃ Sufjan and delayed gratification

“Carol of St Benjamin The Bearded One” makes you wait about a minute. Then there’s “Djohariah.” not that the prelude (er, most of the song?) is bad..

⊃ noscript's anti-clickjacking system

noscript’s ClearClick system is very neat. it alters the css of screen elements to determine if you’re being clickjacked

⊃ the colors of the bay

Me and Trevor spent a few hours making this page while our boat dried. The idea is to map a location to a color (or two) – it came about when we were thinking on Katie’s app and its geolocation possibilities. Her work provides a cool interface to the xckd color survey, so we wanted to know if you could devise a scheme for mapping a named color. ..Basically we wanted to make poop jokes about people’s houses.

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⊃ configuring submodules with nginx and linode

I wanted to setup a custom subdomain to serve static content on nginx and a linode. The nginx config file looked as you might expect. In the Linode DNS manager, I had to setup the A records. And this last part tripped me up: I also had to delegate nameservers for the subdomain. I made ns5 and ns6.linode.com point to my new subdomain and it all worked out. update Ok, I think the nameserver stuff is wrong.

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⊃ doubleyou

After building MEDuele in 2011, I returned to the Cal Health Hackathon to work with Steph, Patrick, Cyrus, Jas and Kristen on another idea.

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⊃ codifying drone policy

reading this nytimes article We’re codifying a policy of extrajudicial killing. (Also disturbing that there aren’t even internal protocols for this, despite the fact that drone strikes have killed thousands.)

⊃ clusterbus

During the ReRoute/SF hackathon, I helped build a way to examine bus-bunching with Boaz, Wai Yip, Trucy and Kevin. We were thinking about the really busy bus lines and how they sometimes get ‘clumped’ with two buses on the same line only separated by a few seconds.

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⊃ IVRhub

Voice-based data collection – read more on github.

⊃ stravanova

The real action’s at yosemitebandit.github.io/stravanova. Stravanova plays and overlays gpx files. It can be one rider on multiple rides or multiple riders doing the same ride. The start times are normalized. A python script interpolates points such that the dataset has a position for every second. This gives time-accurate and smooth playback, although it will put your computer through its paces.. It’s on github.

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