⊃ erik the wall-plotter

Inspired by several other vertical wall-plotters we saw online, my buddy Will and I built Erik, a drawing robot.

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⊃ SMS time capsule

This is a time capsule for your text messages. Send a text to (650) 830-0777 and, after some amount of time, that message will be sent back to you.

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⊃ MEDuele

Me and my friends Steph, Will and Patrick built a multilingual nursing hotline and website, MEDuele, for the Cal Health Data Hackathon. We came up with the idea from Patrick’s experience volunteering in a free South Bay medical clinic. Patrick, being the Renaissance man that he is, worked as a translator for patients speaking Mandarin and Spanish. He noticed the clinic was always really busy but didn’t have enough resources to see that many patients. We thought of MEDuele as a proof-of-concept triaging system.

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⊃ vinyl

Redwood is ostensibly a lighting company, but they also have a ton of sensor data. I built some APIs on a MongoDB backend for managing a slice of this data in the Redwood offices.

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⊃ redwood cloud

This was one of the last projects I made while working at Redwood Systems. Redwood collects a huge amount of highly-resolved sensor data and this not-so-cleverly-named project aggregated the data on a ‘cloud’ platform.

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⊃ Perkinsense

I designed and built room occupancy sensors for the Perkins library at Duke while I was a senior. The study rooms in the library were extremely popular and spread over four floors – this project helped people find ones that were unoccupied. Battery-powered and running on 8-bit AVRs, the sensors used a rather fickle WiFi module called the ‘WiFly.’

This was one of my first web projects – the backend was, uh, interesting. But there was a very basic web interface that showed the status of the ~20 rooms. The early prototype also also had a twitter bot, @thesmome (:

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⊃ DuTrack

I leveraged the OpenGTS project to create a low-cost bus-tracking system to Duke University when I was a senior. For about $150 per year, you can buy an unlimited data plan on some really cheap GPS-enabled cell phones. The OpenGTS project uses a small client app running on the phones to transmit position data back to the OpenGTS server, which I initially ran on a small desktop in my dorm.

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⊃ bike light

a 555 timer-based bike light, based on a design by dan at instructables

⊃ scene design

I took a great class on set design – we built scene models for The Women of Lockerbie and other plays.

⊃ savonius turbine

I worked for the ‘turbine research group’ in a contest to create a wind-powered, mechanical energy-only, desalination prototype. We built some variants on the the savonius vertical-axis design to test the effects of different geometries. Our team eventually took ‘most-innovative’ at the WERC contest. See some notes about what we were up to are here.

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