⊃ rainwater harvesting

Learned a tremendous amount from this one – I lived and worked for three weeks in rural Uganda with friends from the States (including Patrick, woo!) and with our hosts from the Central Buganda University. An assessment team had visited the community in 2006 and, working with CBU, determined that clean water access was an area where we could lend a hand. That group decided rainwater harvesting and a small hand washing campaign was the way to go.

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⊃ soldering station

Made a little soldering iron station – wrote it up on instructables.

⊃ ecg testers

I led a small team in the production of 70 ECG calibration devices. Feedback from Engineering World Health’s partners in the field indicated that these devices were very useful and that more were needed.

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⊃ fire extinguisher lamp

Made a lamp from an old fire extinguisher with some friends, wrote it up on instructables.

⊃ weatherwood

My family and I tore down and then built back the walls of this 14x20 cabin. We had a pro do the roof cause that’s a bit hairy. It’s right on the blueridge parkway and the AT.

⊃ ultrasound induced hyperthermia

I worked on ultrasound-induced hyperthermia as a senior at NCSSM – it was a great taste of self-guided research. My project was to build a small apparatus that could heat something on the order of 100mL of water, and to predict the rate of heating based on the physical parameters of the setup.

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⊃ trebuchet

My friends Ben and Jen and I made this at NCSSM during miniterm.

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