⊃ what it takes to make protein

Virvio recently published a paper on a Computationally Designed Hemagglutinin Stem-Binding Protein that can protect against a wide variety of flu strains. Their methods were interesting to me – I’d like to categorize all the techniques, reagents, equipment and software that they used.

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⊃ learning KiCad

I’ve made a handful of boards in EAGLE CAD but I’m interested in learning KiCad – it’s totally open source and, from what I’ve read online, it works pretty well now. It’ll be sad to leave EAGLE – the highlight of my work was getting in the adafruit blog with a bitmap / ULP trick..it made 36k errors in the ERC (!?!).

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⊃ endurance cycling

was recently reading about various endurance cycling feats..

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⊃ the Outer Banks

I visited the Outer Banks in NC to attend my younger cousin’s wedding – had a very nice time in New Bern, Beaufort and Wilmington. There is such cool history there.. Would love to visit my family out there again sometime soon. Pictures to come!

⊃ Making Biologic Medicines for Patients

I’m going through the edX course, MITx 10.03 Making Biologic Medicines for Patients: The Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing led by Drs Chris Love, Stacy Springs and Paul Barone, here are some notes:

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⊃ the DAO

A bug in the DAO’s smart contracts was exploited early this morning, allowing ETH wrapped up in the DAO to be drained – lamentable, but it’s made for some really interesting reading!

The attacker split into a “child DAO” and got about 3.6M ETH total before being stopped. That’s about 4% of the total ETH in circulation, and leaves the DAO with 7.9M ETH. The attack took 258 ETH per sec – 1 ETH is worth about $15 atm, after a 25% drop in value today. The balance will be frozen for 27 days due to, I think, the DAO’s rules. Er, and also because many (all?) of the exchanges paused their trading for a bit according to these logs.

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⊃ Adimab

I’ve been reading about Adimab, a NH company that makes an antibody discovery platform. This March 2016 Wired article details their work in yeast:

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⊃ glossary

various terms I’ve come across..

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⊃ the trashtalk API

Computers continue to dominate humans in the highest forms of board and card games (see set, alphago and deep blue) – they need new ways to express their range of emotions and general superiority..

Introducing the trashtalk API!

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