⊃ outside-o-meter

I want a device that can quantify the proportion of my day spent in the out-of-doors.

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⊃ Seth Rolland

a video of the amazing bandsaw work of Seth Rolland.

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⊃ the John Muir Trail

My buddy Will and I did a short trip on the John Muir Trail in the Sierras. We camped near Florence Lake – right here actually: 37.2324891N, -118.8780362W. I remember because we camped right near that logjam north of the river.

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⊃ planck length in a simulation

Wikipedia’s excellent notes on the Planck length:

The size of the Planck length can be visualized as follows: if a particle or dot about 0.1 mm in size (which is approximately the smallest the unaided human eye can see) were magnified in size to be as large as the observable universe, then inside that universe-sized “dot”, the Planck length would be roughly the size of an actual 0.1 mm dot.

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⊃ Berkeley

Me and Nora went to Berkeley!

We saw some amazing succulents at the botanical gardens, some could grow to be 2000 years old!

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⊃ ANNs from scratch

I’m making a video on how to write an ANN in python from scratch. backprop derivations and along with this worked example and some slides

⊃ riding down US 1 to SLO

My friend Trevor organized a ride from Gilroy to SLO over Memorial day weekend – our campsites: Mt. Madonna SP outside Gilroy, Veteran’s Park in downtown Monterey, Kirk Creek in Big Sur and the San Simeon Creek Campground near Hearst Castle.

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⊃ startups

On working for startups in the past and possibly the future:

I’ve loved working on small teams throughout school, in hackathons and in the working world. Little teams let me take on many roles and explore lots of different things, from hardware to the web to product design, ux and even sales I guess! I really like the opportunity to see a product, whatever it may be, from many different angles. You can explore ways to make it more useful, more feature-ful, better positioned, better priced.. and it’s engaging to think of these systems in more nuanced ways.

It’s hard for me to imagine working for a huge team, or for a small team making a tiny part of a larger product. And so this lends itself towards working for startups. But why a startup over just working on a project?

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⊃ Proust queries

Marcel Proust answered a series of questions in a “confession album” around 1885 – at the time, it was a popular way to “record thoughts, feelings, etc.” He wrote his answers as a teenager and you can read them here. Not having done enough personality surveys, here are my own:

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⊃ bioreactors

I’ve been learning about bioreactors and fermenters: devices used to grow bacterial and mammalian cells. There are a lot of interesting startups in the synthetic bio space that use bioengineered organisms to produce unique proteins – these companies need bioreactors to run experiments.

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