⊃ postgres on El Capitan with homebrew

This particular mac I’m working with has never had Postgres running locally, so there’s nothing to uninstall and no data to backup, and installing 9.5 on is easy (though brew is nice enough to remind you of other upgrade steps if you do need that):

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⊃ MD5 in rust

Here’s how to compute the MD5 of a string in rust:

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⊃ neovim

How I got started with neovim – and especially how I setup neomake to work with rust.

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⊃ solar impulse

I saw the Solar Impulse plane land at Moffett Field the other day. It was at the end of a 60+ hour flight from Hawaii. We probably watched it land for over an hour – it’s amazingly slow, only about 30knots!

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⊃ plotting gene expression data

I plotted some gene expression data from the NIH – each plot is the expression of a gene measured with different probes at different time points.

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⊃ the blockchain


⊃ the GIL

⊃ barebones resume

Wrote a tiny utility that makes resumes with markdown – check it out on github!

⊃ projector stand

I was recently given an amazingly tiny 2” cube projector that is surprisingly bright and battery powered (!?) – I made this little couch-mount for it.

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⊃ learning rust

I’d like to do some homegrown machine learning work in rust so I’m going through some tutorials..

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