⊃ Matthias Pliessnig and Curtis Buchanan

a short profile on the woodworker, Matthias Pliessnig:

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⊃ git on El Capitan

Saw this article on open vulnerabilities with the version of git on El Capitan. The gist is that apple makes it hard to even find where the binary is located – the process of actually symlinking in a new one is even more obfuscated.

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⊃ Puerto Rico 2016

Puerto Rico! Got to see San Juan, Vieques and Culebra, very fun.

⊃ servers

various admin notes:

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⊃ setbot

I’ve been working on a computer vision system that can play the card game Set. It recently beat a human! (Though it was a close game..) If you want to read more about the pipeline and see the code, the github repo is here.

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⊃ alphago

on the DeepMind Challenge:

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⊃ nw earthquake

reading the very popular new yorker article from last year:

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⊃ food preservation

I attended a nice talk on food preservation at the Mountain View library:

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⊃ nefertiti scan

Lots of interesting articles about the validity of the recent “Nefertiti Hack” – an alleged “heist” of the bust of Nefertiti on display in Neues Museum Berlin.

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⊃ Stephen Wolfram

The CHM had Stephen Wolfram talk on his biography and, incidentally, a history of Mathematica.

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