⊃ homebrewing 101

I went to a talk on homebrewing at the Mountain View library.

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⊃ kitchen stand

Making a kitchen stand to go next to our stove..

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⊃ Nissan Leaf api

Oof – some folks have found an unprotected API into the Nissan Leaf.

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⊃ silverware tray

I’m making the most over-designed silverware tray, haha. Spent a long time drawing ugly utinsels in Fusion to come up with this innovative design :|

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⊃ And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Spent this morning reading And The Pursuit of Happiness, Maira Kalman’s wonderful collection of watercolors and meditations on the country, her travels and her life.

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⊃ shadertoy eyeball

Working on an eyeball in shadertoy after Otavio’s tutorial. I have a long way to go – it’s such a mind bending new way to look at drawing stuff on a screen.

⊃ uber redesign

“By trying to be everything to everyone, Uber has lost its recognizability as a brand.” From Eli Schiff’s notes on the Uber redesign.

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⊃ Scalia

I was reading Scalia’s obituary in the NYTimes and, of course, getting caught up in his history and what the nomination of his replacement will entail.

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⊃ js dev

Hilarious post from @pistacchio about developing in javascript nowadays – I’d say I’m in largely the same analysis-paralysis loop when it comes to upping my js skills. I guess I’d still go back to React and maybe check out Clojurescript, but the compiling / testing / packing landscape is quite confusing to me.


The LIGO team today announced they have positively identified a gravitational wave – an amazing discovery. The livestream:

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