⊃ lampiphy

Me and Esmond and Pal worked on a conceptual diagnostic device for use in rural settings.

⊃ soft robots

Inspired by this instructable on a soft universal gripper and some articles sent by my friends Zina and Ben, I’m reading about soft robotics.

⊃ Milk Pail shelf

I’m working on a design for a shelf at my favorite store, Milk Pail.

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⊃ trident remote jailbreak

Reading Citizen Lab’s report on the attempted remote jailbreaking of the UAE dissident, Ahmed Mansoor.

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⊃ bike tag

I’d like to make a new tag for when my bike’s on the train. Here are some basic renders..

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⊃ design of experiments

a software tool, pyDOE some lecture notes on the topic and a video:

⊃ genedrive

notes from Hammond et. al’s paper in Nature Biotech: A CRISPR-Cas9 gene drive system targeting female reproduction in the malaria mosquito vector Anopheles gambiae and the Wyss lab’s gene drive FAQ.

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⊃ the introspection engine

Bunnie Huang and Edward Snowden are collaborating on “the introspection engine,” a device that can connect to an iPhone6 and determine if the phone’s radios are active. Their initial ideas are here.

⊃ cell culture and automation

I’ve been reading some interesting papers on cell culture and automation, like this 2013 thesis on microbioreactors, published by Shireen Goh as her PhD work at MIT.

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⊃ what it takes to make protein

Virvio recently published a paper on a Computationally Designed Hemagglutinin Stem-Binding Protein that can protect against a wide variety of flu strains. Their methods were interesting to me – I’d like to categorize all the techniques, reagents, equipment and software that they used.

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