⊃ lampiphy

Me and Esmond and Pal worked on a conceptual diagnostic device for use in rural settings.

⊃ AVC 2016

Me and some friends worked on a car for Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition. The race has your car make one (just one!) lap around a haybale-bordered track in Sparkfun HQ’s parking lot. There are dirt sections, hoops to go through, barrels to dodge, jumps, zigzags and the famous “discombobulator” – a spinning disc that most competitors just try to jump if they approach it at all.

Our entry, “Neural Carputer,” used an eight layer neural network with four convolution and four fully-connected layers. It was an end-to-end system – it took in camera and odometer data and output steering and throttle commands. We took about an hour of training data – I just manually drove the car through the course during the practice time before race day. In autonomous mode, Carputer would eventually make one perfect run around the course and have many more less-than-perfect runs too (:

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⊃ pseudo

I built a barebones webapp + cli to learn more about rust – it’s a “compiler” for pseudocode that runs in the cloud (: Check out the site at pseudo-lang.oakmachine.com and see the source on github.

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⊃ setbot

I’ve been working on a computer vision system that can play the card game Set. It recently beat a human! (Though it was a close game..) If you want to read more about the pipeline and see the code, the github repo is here.

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⊃ Endaga

I worked for about six months at Endaga, building low cost cellular infrastructure. Endaga built cell phone tower hardware – entrepreneurs could buy our equipment and use our cloud services to become the “Verizon” of their area. They could buy SIM cards and sell service to people in their community. Our system allowed operators to set their own prices for calls and SMS and, (eventually) data – we provided something 2.5G-ish, with really slow GPRS-based data. This paper (pdf) provides a lot of detail about the network and its operation.

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⊃ Project Wing

I was part of the team that worked on Google’s ‘self-flying vehicle’ project. We started with the goal of delivering emergency medical supplies to people in need – things like AEDs when someone’s having a heart attack, or antivenom to hikers in the wilderness. (A background video is here.)

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⊃ redream

I helped build a dream restoration machine during a hackathon hosted by GAFFTA and the Tribeca Institute. Our site took written memories of dreams and pieced together video montages that evoke the nocturnal experience.

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⊃ the prism, ultimater version

My friend Trevor and I built a one-sheet boat using plans from the famous Hannu. All you need is a lone sheet of birch plywood (38” I think..), some 1x2 runners for support and fiberglass for the outer seams where the flat bottom meets the sides. The inner seams were covered with a thickened resin. The outside has a few coats of Tung oil.

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⊃ pipeline

A data collection and management system being built during my work at Aquaya. It was in production at pipelinehq.org and is open sourced on github.

⊃ IVRhub

Voice-based data collection – read more on github.

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