⊃ service discovery

progrium.com there is this mesos project says DNS is insufficient due to the impracticalities of managing one’s own DNS and the inability to handle real-time changes in name resolution google used chubby in 06 as distributed lock and kv store, replacing DNS zookeeper is open source chubby; high availability and reliability in exchange for performance both use paxos consensus algorithm (see raft alternative) etcd is the new http-friendly alternative to zookeeper says service discovery should have a consistent, ha directory + registration + health monitoring + lookup and connection features in another post, talks about consul.io, a “powerful tool” with monitoring, config store, DNS..maybe our tools should be less powerful and more puny.

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⊃ tdd roundtable

I use TDD at work and even on some personal projects so it was interesting to hear perspectives from Beck, Fowler and DHH. is tdd dead? - hangout with dhh, martin fowler and kent beck betteridge’s law says, of course, no mostly just some interesting thoughts on their experiences “if I can’t write a test first I have no business writing it,” says beck “do programmers deserve to feel confident?” asks beck.

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⊃ storing and deploying keys securely

In several flask apps at aquaya, I used a combo of environment variables and sample config files filled in with real data on the live servers only, not in the source. But how to do this with a lot of servers that may be rebuilt at any time? How do you avoid passing state to these servers when you provision them? And how do you share these credentials among team members?

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⊃ SSL setup on nginx

update: DigitalOcean has a very nice guide on doing this with the LetsEncrypt CA – it worked well for me! Though I am a bit worried about the well-known dir and its persistence with my current build methods.

I keep forgetting how to do this, so here are some notes:

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⊃ configuring submodules with nginx and linode

I wanted to setup a custom subdomain to serve static content on nginx and a linode. The nginx config file looked as you might expect. In the Linode DNS manager, I had to setup the A records. And this last part tripped me up: I also had to delegate nameservers for the subdomain. I made ns5 and ns6.linode.com point to my new subdomain and it all worked out. update Ok, I think the nameserver stuff is wrong.

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