⊃ 2016 election

notes on my 2016 vote:

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⊃ Scalia

I was reading Scalia’s obituary in the NYTimes and, of course, getting caught up in his history and what the nomination of his replacement will entail.

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⊃ the Dean Scream

A short documentary on the “Dean Scream” from 2004.

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⊃ iowa caucuses

Just saw this amazing video on how the the Iowa caucuses actually work.

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⊃ legal justification of the bin Laden raid

The NYT has an article about the legal justification for the May 2011 Abbottabad raid that resulted in the death of bin Laden. Four federal lawyers wrote several memos that explained the legal basis for the raid itself, the killing of bin Laden and his burial at sea. The CIA’s general counsel, Stephen Preston, noted that it was important to have the memos before the raid took place “particularly if the operation goes terribly badly.” Pakistan had previously assisted on other US govt raids, but this was such an important target, and there were concerns that elements of the Pakistani military were harboring bin Laden, so one memo had to justify violating Pakistani sovereignty and conducting the raid without permission.

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⊃ codifying drone policy

reading this nytimes article We’re codifying a policy of extrajudicial killing. (Also disturbing that there aren’t even internal protocols for this, despite the fact that drone strikes have killed thousands.)