⊃ lampiphy

Me and Esmond and Pal worked on a conceptual diagnostic device for use in rural settings.

⊃ AVC 2016

Me and some friends worked on a car for Sparkfun’s Autonomous Vehicle Competition. The race has your car make one (just one!) lap around a haybale-bordered track in Sparkfun HQ’s parking lot. There are dirt sections, hoops to go through, barrels to dodge, jumps, zigzags and the famous “discombobulator” – a spinning disc that most competitors just try to jump if they approach it at all.

Our entry, “Neural Carputer,” used an eight layer neural network with four convolution and four fully-connected layers. It was an end-to-end system – it took in camera and odometer data and output steering and throttle commands. We took about an hour of training data – I just manually drove the car through the course during the practice time before race day. In autonomous mode, Carputer would eventually make one perfect run around the course and have many more less-than-perfect runs too (:

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⊃ bike tag

I’d like to make a new tag for when my bike’s on the train. Here are some basic renders..

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⊃ heckbot

I made a bid recommendation script for the card game “Oh Hell.” I think it worked well! Or, I did a lot better with it than without it (:

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⊃ the trashtalk API

Computers continue to dominate humans in the highest forms of board and card games (see set, alphago and deep blue) – they need new ways to express their range of emotions and general superiority..

Introducing the trashtalk API!

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⊃ ANNs from scratch

I’m making a video on how to write an ANN in python from scratch. backprop derivations and along with this worked example and some slides

⊃ pseudo

I built a barebones webapp + cli to learn more about rust – it’s a “compiler” for pseudocode that runs in the cloud (: Check out the site at and see the source on github.

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⊃ plotting gene expression data

I plotted some gene expression data from the NIH – each plot is the expression of a gene measured with different probes at different time points.

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⊃ barebones resume

Wrote a tiny utility that makes resumes with markdown – check it out on github!

⊃ projector stand

I was recently given an amazingly tiny 2” cube projector that is surprisingly bright and battery powered (!?) – I made this little couch-mount for it.

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