⊃ heckbot

I made a bid recommendation script for the card game “Oh Hell.” I think it worked well! Or, I did a lot better with it than without it (:

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⊃ App Engine

some notes on using Google App Engine with python:

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⊃ plotting gene expression data

I plotted some gene expression data from the NIH – each plot is the expression of a gene measured with different probes at different time points.

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⊃ the GIL

⊃ barebones resume

Wrote a tiny utility that makes resumes with markdown – check it out on github!

⊃ setbot

I’ve been working on a computer vision system that can play the card game Set. It recently beat a human! (Though it was a close game..) If you want to read more about the pipeline and see the code, the github repo is here.

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⊃ udacity deep learning lesson two

notes from lesson two of Udacity’s Deep Learning course

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⊃ ipython

how I use iPython

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⊃ readout

I’m playing around with techniques for reading old-school displays.

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⊃ machine learning

Recently, several projects I’ve worked on have made me want to know more about machine learning.

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