⊃ 2016 election

notes on my 2016 vote:

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⊃ glossary

various terms I’ve come across..

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⊃ startups

On working for startups in the past and possibly the future:

I’ve loved working on small teams throughout school, in hackathons and in the working world. Little teams let me take on many roles and explore lots of different things, from hardware to the web to product design, ux and even sales I guess! I really like the opportunity to see a product, whatever it may be, from many different angles. You can explore ways to make it more useful, more feature-ful, better positioned, better priced.. and it’s engaging to think of these systems in more nuanced ways.

It’s hard for me to imagine working for a huge team, or for a small team making a tiny part of a larger product. And so this lends itself towards working for startups. But why a startup over just working on a project?

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⊃ Proust queries

Marcel Proust answered a series of questions in a “confession album” around 1885 – at the time, it was a popular way to “record thoughts, feelings, etc.” He wrote his answers as a teenager and you can read them here. Not having done enough personality surveys, here are my own:

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⊃ headspace

The headspace app has been huge for me – I’ve used it since the last few months of 2015, doing 10 and 20 min exercises about every day. I especially appreciate the focus on “the now” that the app helps remind me of. And it has helped me bring a feeling of peace and well-being to my life. The “creativity module” has been challenging but rewarding, some very interesting techniques in this one.

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⊃ beliefs

at the behest of Doebelli and especially his chapter on …, here is a list of beliefs that I hold dear:

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