⊃ Sonoma

Nora and I went to Sonoma! We saw Iron and Wine play at the GunBun winery and had a nice time touring the Peter Cellars and Ravenswood wineries.

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⊃ Maine

I visited Maine recently with my family – we sought the elusive vacation triathlon: one day of hiking, biking and kayaking..

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⊃ the Outer Banks

I visited the Outer Banks in NC to attend my younger cousin’s wedding – had a very nice time in New Bern, Beaufort and Wilmington. There is such cool history there.. Would love to visit my family out there again sometime soon. Pictures to come!

⊃ the John Muir Trail

My buddy Will and I did a short trip on the John Muir Trail in the Sierras. We camped near Florence Lake – right here actually: 37.2324891N, -118.8780362W. I remember because we camped right near that logjam north of the river.

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⊃ Berkeley

Me and Nora went to Berkeley!

We saw some amazing succulents at the botanical gardens, some could grow to be 2000 years old!

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⊃ riding down US 1 to SLO

My friend Trevor organized a ride from Gilroy to SLO over Memorial day weekend – our campsites: Mt. Madonna SP outside Gilroy, Veteran’s Park in downtown Monterey, Kirk Creek in Big Sur and the San Simeon Creek Campground near Hearst Castle.

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⊃ joshua tree

Went to Joshua Tree with some friends this last weekend – scrambling around Skull Rock and Hidden Valley was really fun.

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⊃ Puerto Rico 2016

Puerto Rico! Got to see San Juan, Vieques and Culebra, very fun.

⊃ rides

memories of past rides, and places I’d like to go someday..

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⊃ Chile 2015

Chile! Went to Santiago, Puerto Montt, Torres del Paine, La Calera and Talcahuano!

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